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Specialized Business, Securities and General Commercial Legal Services

Our practice concentrates on business law matters, especially business and non-profit corporation, securities and commercial financing law (including international transactions in those fields), health care, real estate matters, commercial litigation and estate and financial planning and administration.  Our guiding principle is to focus our work on those areas in which we are especially experienced, thereby giving us the opportunity to bring novel ideas and enhanced solutions to clients’ problems and transactions. Working routinely in areas of special experience also enables us more easily to provide high quality legal services in a responsive and timely manner at a reasonable fee.

Smaller is Stronger

We draw in lawyers from other firms for expertise that is not in our specialty areas. We think this brings to our clients’ service the very best practitioners. Ours clients tell us that they find their legal service is enhanced by this arrangement and their costs are frequently lower. We think our modest size is a strength, enabling us to bring to bear on each assignment the attention of senior lawyers while maintaining the availability of the best lawyers in legal disciplines outside of our specialty areas. In summary, we consider ourselves, as do our clients, experienced, seasoned and practical business lawyers.