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Practice Areas

We concentrate our practice on business law matters, especially business and non-profit corporations, securities and commercial financing law (including international transactions in those fields), health care, real estate matters and estate and financial planning and administration. Our guiding principle is to focus our work on those areas in which we are especially experienced, thereby giving us the opportunity to bring novel ideas and enhanced solutions to clients’ problems and transactions. Working routinely in areas of special experience also enables us more easily to provide high quality legal services in a responsive and timely manner at a reasonable fee.

Business Law

  • Organization and Restructuring
  • International Business Transactions and Financing
  • Investments - Formation and Structuring
  • Joint Ventures
  • Licensing
  • Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

Education Law

Estate Planning and Estate Administration


  • Formation
  • Tax Exemptions
  • Reorganization
  • Government Relations
  • Funding and Financing

Real Estate Transactions

Commercial Litigation

Commercial Lending and Finance


  • Regulatory Investigations by Federal and State Agencies
  • Public and Private Issues of Stock and Debt Securities
  • Securities Law Reporting and Compliance
  • Investment Advisor Registration


A substantial part of our practice is devoted to international business transactions for which our experience and worldwide contacts are extensive. John Frazier Hunt has provided extensive legal services for companies (public and private) from England and Europe operating in the United States and U.S. domestic companies operating abroad. He has served as a director of public and private multi-national companies. In addition to international commercial transactions, much of our international practice has involved licensing, joint ventures, acquisitions and establishment of new operations abroad. Our work has been world-wide, including Western Europe, Pakistan, Japan, China, Korea and other countries of the Pacific Rim, Eastern Europe, as well as Africa and South America.